Can Coatings

These coatings are specially designed to meet stringent forming process of tin and aluminium cans meeting regulatory standard for food items and perform over variety of types. Spectrum has established reputation of quality supplier in short time and gained trust of our esteem customers through coattings for general and food cans in most effective manner. We believe that this market is growing steadily and our coatings will play crucial role in protecting millions of cans. Our coatings will ensure big brands can trust that the end customer will use safe and healthy products. We have product approvals from SQTS and locally from California gardens. Our commitment towards quality is never ending and an important pillar in our growth journey.


We have developed coatings for segments like Industrial cans and pails, Food cans, Caps and can ends, Speciality cans like DRD etc. We have focused research and development program to ensure that all prospective areas of metal packaging market are covered in near future. Our local clientele include names like EMIC, Crown cans (Hassani Group), MEMC and Gulf Cans. All have established name in can making industry for years. We have deep gratitude towards our customers who believed in our capabilities and allowed us opportunity to establish our coatings on their line.


You find our coatings everywhere. In cans, bottles, pails, lids, caps, tubes...hardly a day goes by when our coatings aren’t an important part of your life. For us, that responsibility drives everything we do and inspires us to meet all of our customers’ needs.


Food Can Coatings

Coatings for the interior and exterior of two-and three-piece food cans, including easy open ends (EOE) internal and external systems, shallow and deep draw cans.


Cap and Closure Coatings

Coatings for the interior and exterior of all types of closures including lug, continuous thread, baby food closures, Roll on pilfer proof caps (ROPP)


Aerosol and Specialty Can Coatings

Coatings for the interior and exterior of aerosol, paint and specialty cans (such as trays, tins and oil cans) for food, household and personal care products.


Drum and Pail Coatings

This product line includes conventional, high solids, technologies to meet manufacturers’ specific food and non-food requirements for steel drums, pails, closing rings, flanges and plugs.